Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lot's of snow and Jesus Saves!

Snow was a lot of fun when I was a kid!  We'd get all bundled up and would try to be the first ones out the door to explore the beautiful winter wonderland. 

Of course having the day off from school was an added bonus! 

My friend Brenda and I would take our dogs with us and go exploring.  She had Misty who was an American Pointer and I had Herman a Weimaraner.  Both great sporting dogs.  They loved it and we loved it and we would be out in it for hours until our feet and fingers were frozen.

She'd go home to her house, I'd go home to mine.  I'd give good ol' Herman a nice rub down with a towel to take off all the excess snow and then I'd have to take all of the wet clothes off in the garage before my Mom would let us back in the house.

Back inside there was a fire going and my Mom would make us hot chocolate (the old fashioned way) and popcorn. We'd site by the fire until we warmed up enough to go back out in it again. 

I didn't even mind helping to shovel the walkway.  It was fun!

Fast forward 30+ years and now snow it a giant pain in the butt!  Especially when you own your own business!

It's not fun anymore.  You don't play in it.  Instead you are stuck digging yourself out and now I have to go out and dig my business out too. 

The first snow fall we had which was Dec. 26th dumped over 30 inches on us.  Luckily for us we were closed that day so we had plenty of time to dig ourselves out.  The road crews were working 12 hours shifts trying to get the streets clear for emergency vehicles.  We were one of the lucky ones because the street that I live on was plowed several times on Monday afternoon.  Some people didn't see a plow down there street until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here is a great time lapse video posted on CNN by reporter Mike Black who lives in Belmar, NJ.  Belmar is about 5 miles north of us.

I had full plans on opening up on Tuesday.  This was the week after Christmas which could be a very big week in retail.  People have a little extra holiday money and are on vacation from work or school.  We were really counting on it.

But no, Mother Nature had different plans for everyone that week. 

Margie and I were watching peoples posts on Facebook about being snowed in.  Businesses all over the place were having a very hard time getting open.  Every truck with a plow and any able body with a shovel was out trying to dig people out. 

We finally decided to take a ride and see just how bad it was.  This is what we saw:

Some how the tenants who live up stairs were able to dig the entire driveway out.  From the back of the building where they park to the street has to be about 50ft.  50 feet of 30+ inches of snow!  I am in awe.

It took Margie and I about 2 hours just to dig a small area so that I could park my car in front of the building!  It was going to take a miracle or at least a person with a plow to dig us out.

The next thing we had to find out was who was responsible for the snow removal for our building.  Us or the landlord.

No was US!

I opened the phone book and began calling every snow removal and landscaping business I could find in the area.  I left messages with all of them because as you would expect, they were all out plowing!

A few called back saying they could get here on Wednesday sometime.  OK...that's fine.  So Margie and I went home.

On Wednesday - Margie went back to her full time job and I came in the store around 10:00 AM.  I made a few more calls and then sat and waited.

And waited...and waited. 

A few called me back and said they would stop by.  One guy with a plow came over and said that he couldn't do the job because it was too tight for him to get in with a plow. 

Meanwhile my brain is thinking about all of the business I am losing because of this freakin' snow.

Then...I got a call from a friend!  Brian Alvarez who co-owns Mon Alyssa's Restaurant down the street knows a guy with a Bobcat and wanted to  know if I still needed to be dug out.  (Great Italian food at Mon Alyssa's...go there)

"HELL YEAH!", I exclaimed!

Brian said he's be over in about 30 minutes!

YES!  I've been saved!

Then this wonderful man in his Bobcat arrived!

What a sight for sore eyes!

Within 20 minutes this man pushed and lifted the snow and cleared my entire parking lot!


He was only going to charge me a very small amount for the work he did, but I gave him a lot more because he really helped save me. 

The wonderful and ironic thing about this great man...his name is Jesus!

Jesus really does work miracles!

I love Jesus!


  1. Thank the Lord for Jesus! (and he's not a bad looking saviour, is he.)

    You had a "grey ghost"? I envy you!

    Yes, nothing like the real milk-in-the-pot hot chocolate, is there?


  2. I still love to watch the snow fall. I just hate to remove it.

    Jesus is a cutie!

    And Herman was a wonderdog!

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