Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

I've really neglected my blogs lately.
There was a lot of great stuff that happened too!  Let me try to recap:
We had some great art shows:

Helen Harris was our featured artist for October.  She specializes in water color and mixed media.
There are so many wonderful colors and a lot of texture to her work.  Absolutely beautiful.

November we highlighted contemporary artist Clayton Thomas.  Working with acrylics he paints in a style all his own and uses cardboard, wall paneling and old "office art" to paint on.  His show was a focus on New Jersey and the Jersey Devil!

And December was photographer Wendy A. Ritch.  Her photos range from captioning parts of NJ to captioning digitized music.  The colors are bright and grab you right away as does the subject.

Our first holiday season was absolutely amazing!  We joined "The Band" and promoted a shop local theme that was fun for everyone!   Many of our customers really appreciated our free gift wrapping service and consultative sales.  We aren't stalkers, but if you come in and let us know who you are looking for and what price range you are looking to spend we can give you some great ideas. 

We had a friend help us out during the holidays and she was amazed at how nice all of our customers were!  We had spontaneous reunions of friends, classmates and people who had never met before chatted and shopped away.  How awesome is that?  As a store owner - that makes me just beam with pride to know that my customers are so comfortable that they can relax and be themselves and even make new friends!

Of course the Sunday after Christmas brought the blizzard. 

Between 30 and 34 inches of the white stuff fell on us that weekend. 
That's a LOT of snow!
We were closed on our usual Monday which was fine because you couldn't go anywhere.  It took me until Wednesday afternoon before we found a man and his Bobcat to dig us out!

There was a lot of grumbling about how long it took for the Public Works Depts to clear the streets. 
We had nearly 3 feet of snow!  Not only do they have to plow it they have to pile it up somewhere!  People were yelling at the men/women out there plowing.  I'd would have been out there with $20 and saying Thank you!  They were working 12 hour shifts with only 4 hours break in between.

So - the snow put a BIG damper on our after the holiday sales, but what can you do?  Nature happens right?

Here we are 2011!  7 months old and doing great and we look forward to changing things around to bring in new products for our customers.

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers for your friendships and your patronage.  It was the best gift we could have received during the holidays!

Have a very happy and healthy New Year everyone.  Peace on Earth.

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  1. Thank you for Idiosyncrazies! It is such a wonderful place with a great spirit! I hope 2011 is an even better year!