Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gearing up

I can't believe it's October already.  Sheesh - where did September go?

Our window displays have a hint of the change of seasons in them:

We're decorated with pumpkins, carved gourds, mums and witches brooms!

We had our 2nd meeting of the Recycled Art Group which we have named:  The Trash Twisters!  We came up with a plan and started building a prototype to help us learn how to do the construction. 

The plan - a mermaid sculpture for the outside of Idiosyncrazies.  Our prototype is a fish made out of chicken wire and packing peanuts and other things we find.

Here are some pictures of the group:
Building the chicken wire frame

"You will conform to my will!"

Stuffing with packing peanuts

Ta da!  Some resemblance of a fish evolves! 

Please note that none of the women in these pictures have any sculpture experience.   I think they did pretty well as beginners!

We put our fish away until the next meeting and we have a lot of ideas for this rather large fish.  She will have big pouty lips, long flowing fins and fabulous bottle cap scales. 

Considering the size of the fish - maybe you can have an idea of how big the mermaid will be?!?!

We also had another wonderful art show and reception featuring the work of fine artist:  Helen Harris
I hope Helen will forgive me because I forgot to take pictures during the show, so I stole some pictures from her website:  Pine Shore Studio

"Sun Kissed"

"Fire Storm"

The reception was well attended and Helen sold a painting!  Don't worry if you missed the reception though, her art will be displayed through the month of October so please come over and take a look in person.  The pictures are pretty, but you really need to see the work in person to appreciate the colors and textures that Helen uses.

We hope to see you soon - we are getting in new items almost every day!

Be well!