Friday, September 3, 2010

Recycled art

On September 16th we will have our very first meeting of the Idiosyncrazies Recycled Art Group. 

I've never organized a group yet, so this is all experimental right now, but I hope it will be interesting.

The main idea is to make art out of trash. 

The concept is not new, but sometimes you just need a group of people to bounce ideas off of and have fun with it.

I hope it will be a serious group that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The plan is to meet once a month and talk trash...and what creative things we can do with it.  There have been so many things that people are starting to do with trash now that amazes me.

Terracycle is a great company.  They find all kinds of creative ways to make new products out of non-recyclable materials.  This reduces waste from landfills - which is a good thing!  They also have a series on National Geographic called Garbage Moguls which takes you through the whole process of how they make new items.  The creativity in that little company is amazing AND - they are based out of New Jersey!  (not that we have a lot of trash or anything) is a great site for consumers to go if you want to learn what you have to do to help reduce the amount of trash that goes into our landfills.

Check out what some artists have already done with trash:

Ultimately what I would like to have this group do is to learn about the medium they choose, educate others about the importance of recycling, up-cycling and reusing items that we would normally just throw away.
And finally my ultimate plan would to be to have an auction 1 or 2 times a year and the proceeds would go to a local environmental group or a local school art program.

So - if you live local and want to join our group please do.  You don't have to be an "artists" just bring some of your creative ideas and maybe some of the artists can bring it to life! 

Let's have fun with it!  Let's learn from it!  Let's create with it!


A trashy broad


  1. The Friends of Mommouth County...Clearwater Org. is an enviromential group who may be interested in joining your group.

  2. My brother used clear bottles to create ships in bottles. He used all found objects for the wood, sails and other details he created in his art. He created 15 different models in all in a span of about 5 or 6 years. Unfortunately he has passed away, but my memory of him lives on in the ship in a bottle that he gave to me.