Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Talk Trash

The first meeting of the Recycled Art Group met last night.  5 of us to start.  Not bad.

We chatted about trash, what can we do with it...threw out ideas, played with some trash I had around.


I feel energized by the creativity of the evening and I'm going to use that energy to the max.

Next meeting - we need to come up with a name for the group and we're open to all suggestions so please let me know if you have something clever.

A trashy broad


  1. I love this!! Wish I was closer!! Can I be an honorary member??

  2. i think you named it already : Trash Talk
    or, if it" all female : Dumpster Divas!!

  3. Love the idea. How about "Trashy Women", "Trashy Ladies"...Trashy mommas...

  4. Trashy Broads was another one I thought of as well, but I have invited some gentlemen to join the group so we don't want to exclude them.
    Recycled Renegades
    Lost and Found
    So many possibilities.