Friday, July 16, 2010

Livin' the life!

We hosted our first class at Idiosyncrazies today.  Yvonne Yaar came in to teach a few folks about Fused Glass.  We hope to make this one of our regular classes and add on a few others as well.  I did take pictures but have not had time to download them and post them.  I will add it as a separate post.

We're growing!

On foot, on bike, in car...they come! 

And they like us!  They really, really like us!

We like them too!

Not all of them buy, and that is OK.  They will be back I am sure of it. 

We have taken on the role as shop owner, neighbor, counselor, teacher, friend.  A place to come and just be.  Browse around, relax, take it in, look for something new, find something that may have been moved, chat about....?

The things we have chatted about.  Personal, artistic, environmental, weather, economy.  So many things.

We all have our idiosyncrasies don't we?

Connections have been made.  Business connections, art connections, retail connections, personal connections.  New friends...visits from old friends.

Each have been uniquely and wonderfully greeted with open arms.

Synchronicity - I'm listening.  I'm paying attention now.  It is telling me something.

Amazing.  Gratifying.  Absolutelyfreakingwonderful!

Definitely livin' the life.  It's all good.

Thank you.

From my entire heart...thank you.

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  1. We all you idiosyncrazies! I'm glad your having so much fun. I wish I lived closer.