Monday, July 5, 2010

A day off

I could very easily work at Idiosyncrazies 7 days a week, but I am glad that I allow myself one day to recharge the batteries.  I definitely need it!

We grow a little more each day and that is exactly what we want to do. 

Word of mouth seems to be getting out and customers who have stopped in when they were walking or riding their bike have come back to purchase something.

I cannot tell you how very proud I feel about our little business when customers tell us:  "you have such beautiful things", "we needed a store like this around here" and my favorite "your store has such a welcoming feeling to it."

There have been new items added recently:  wonderful paintings, stunning jewelry, beautiful pottery and more Fair Trade products. 

Here are some photos of the new items that came in recently:

Vases by Susan Jamieson: Petal Street Flower Co. in Pt. Pleasant added the florals to some of the vases.  The end results are simply beautiful!
Squall by Anita Williams

Peek a Boo by Anita Williams

Top Kill, Mosaic by Ann Shaver

Red Bird mosaic by Ann Shaver

Sterling Silver Jewelry by Jessica WardSterling Silver Jewelry by Jessica Ward

Snow Day by Ariana Maribel

I can't tell you how excited I get when new work is added.  This has to be THE best job in the world to see all of these talented people and the pieces that they create.  It's just amazing. 

The anal retentive part of me is still in there and feels the need to rearrange the whole store every time new work comes in.  I want to make sure that everyone feels their pieces are being displayed in the best way possible.  It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle but the pieces keep moving around all of the time so the end result is never the same.  The challenge is very interesting and keeps me going.

Sitting here I realized that there were more pieces that came in that I did not get pictures of, but I will correct that on the next post I promise and I will add the new items as well.

Thank you everyone for making Idiosyncrazies a success - we are achieving exactly what we had set out to do.  It's just so incredible!

Be well!


  1. Thanks Sharon! Your store is amazing. I keep thinking I want to make stuff specifically for your store. (I just don't know what yet).

  2. glad you had a day off to rest! the new Art is beauitful

  3. Those are beautiful, Shazza!
    I love Neetzy's work (as you know) but I must confess that I would want every single piece you've posted here in my home. You've set an amazingly high standard.
    Just as well for my bank balance that I live the wrong side of the Atlantic to pop in and buy stuff. When are you opening a branch over here?