Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good morning New Jersey

And to the rest of the world as well!

It's a hot and sticky mess here today.  It's been hot and sticky all week.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

Our first weekend went very well, then all of the weekenders left and people went back to work and well...the rest of the week was kind of blech. 

No worries though, we expected that. 

There are a lot of local friends putting out the word and I'm dropping business cards off everywhere I can sneak them in.  We're going to take out some ads in the local papers only.  We had a lot of people who came in last week and said they saw our ad so they dropped in to "check it out"!

A few more artisans dropped off their fine goods to add to the store and we're very happy to have them.  It's fun to be able to see these works of art and handcrafted items and learn why they started and how long have they been doing this. 

I have one more Piney story to tell though because I love these guys.  (I really do)

Back on May 13th, I introduced you to Jack Piper the guy who makes the bird houses.  Just a bit further up the road on Rt. 542 is another gentleman named Michael Jones.  I found Michael the same way I found Jack...just driving down the road.  Outside of his home he has a little stand where he sells "Silly Bears". 

Remember these guys?  Part of my Piney Booty!

The bears are made from pine, but every once in a while he is luck to fine some red cedar to use as well.  (I got the last two).  Micheal doesn't cut down any trees for his craft, he just walks through the woods and looks for trees that have fallen down and gets what he needs. 

He has an endless supply of pine since he lives in the Pine Barrens!

Here is Michael behind his bears!  Each one is a little different and has a personality of their own.

Michael started this business on a bet.  His Aunt and Uncle wagered that he couldn't carve one of these bears, something they had been doing themselves. 

Guess what?  He did!  And Michael won "Silly Bears" - his own little business.

In the warmer months Rt. 542 is a road the leads to popular lakes, rivers and streams in South Jersey.  There are canoe rentals, Batsto Historical Park, campgrounds all around and it's the perfect place to buy, hand crafted Bears, Birdhouses, Jersey Fresh garden vegetables and a few New Jersey Wines as well. 

The pace slows down, much different than Northern Jersey where everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. 

It's pure and simple rural living. 

I also bought a jar of Michael's raspberry jam - delicious! 

So if you are driving on Rt. 542 please stop by and see Michael and his "Silly Bears".  He also is carving shore birds and other little odds and ends.  He sits on his backporch and just whittles away. 

How wonderful is that?

If you can't get down to Green Bank, NJ then come on over to Idiosyncrazies we have a few "Silly Bears" hiding out in the gallery just waiting to find a new home!

Have a great weekend all!  Be well.


  1. I love them. I also love the little stories about your vendors!

  2. I put your logo on "Keepsakes". Hope someone sees it and checks you out.

    These are the coolest bears!