Monday, May 17, 2010

A real gem of a guy!

Thanks to Facebook and reconnecting with old high school pals I have met a true gem of a man.

His name is Paul Evans Pederson.  Tall, burly and handsome with a twinkle in his eye and a sly smile. 

(I stole this pic from another source because I LOVE this photo of him!)

We exchanged a few e-mails, chatted on the phone and finally arranged to meet where he currently displays his beautiful "Pine Barren Diamonds" TM

The "Diamonds" are carefully dug up from old abandon glass works that were famous here in New Jersey.  The sandy soil and abundance of trees for fuel allowed NJ to be one of the premiere glass makers in the late 1700's. 

Paul used to go out with his metal detectors and look for lost treasures and would dig up the occasional piece of glass.  Knowing that there were plenty of old glass works out there he held on to them thinking that maybe he could do something with them someday.

By golly he did find something:  "Pine Barren Diamonds"TM.  Each piece of glass that Paul has found could be up to 200 years old!  He has been given very special permissions to dig in places that no one else has been able to.  These are secret locations that only Paul knows of.

Paul then spends up to 700 hours shaping and polishing his diamonds to make unique and beautiful jewelry.

(this one is my favorite!)

I was hoping for a bright sunny day so that the light would really make these diamonds shine, but Mother Nature was not being very cooperative with me today.

The colors in the glass were created by the companies that made them.  Paul rattled off the name of each one, but unfortunately I don't remember them. I should have written it down.

These unique pieces of New Jersey history will now be sold at Idiosyncrazies!  Paul has also told me to let anyone know that if you want a custom piece he will be more than happy to make one for you.

Jewelry is just one of Paul's many talents.  He is a singer/song writer and writes poetry and has written a book! 

Idiosyncrazies has invited Paul to play at our opening on May 29th and he has graciously accepted.  So if you are in the area that day, please stop by and roam about the store, take in some good music and light refreshments and meet New Jersey's gem of the Pine Barrens - Paul Pederson!

Here is a great song called "The Screamin' Hollar Inn" by Paul.  I hope you enjoy!

Here is a picture of Paul and I when I went out to meet him.  Don't you just want to give him a big ol' hug?  I did! 


  1. Those are beautiful.

    Judging by the few items you have shown on your blog, I think your store will be a huge success.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I want one! Can't make it on the 29th tho.

  3. Thank you 8th Day!

    Neetzy - no worries, I will make sure to save you one!

  4. He knows secret old glass digs?! I am sooooo envious. I love all that is glass...I'm looking forward to meeting him. :)

  5. Woah, Shazza!
    Beautiful jewelry and magnificent facial hair. How can you not love a guy like that.
    But even better: what a VOICE! I thoroughly enjoyed "Screamin' Hollar Inn" and am about to go back and sample some more of Paul's songs. Fabulous stuff!

  6. Hey Dive - You can't help but fall in love with that voice. Listen to "Water Me". It's all spoken but it's in what we call "Piney Talk" or just gobbledeegook.

  7. Hi Shazza from your fellow eastcoaster!
    Beautiful works of art and amazing artful voice from Paul. I have one more song to listen too then just might start all over again.
    Lovely, Just LOVELY!

  8. HI Prudence! I think I've seen you around Dive's blog yes?

    Thanks for dropping in and yes, I agree he really has a lovely voice.

  9. Very unique work! I love the colors and shapes.