Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...the people that you meet each day!

Idiosyncrazies has been....well - CRAZY! 

2 more days until we open and there is still a lot to do.  Our signs are in which is a relief.  Too many artists who have been dropping off work keep telling me that they drove right by because they didn't see any sign.

Still no business cards, but that is not real high on the priority list right now.

I am constantly amazed at the people we have met and the friends who have been willing to help us get up and running. 

One of the women that I met when I was first scouting out places to rent for Idiosyncrazies told me that if everything seems to be falling into place then it was meant to be.

I truly believe this.  This has been the most incredible experience of my life.

This blog has been my way of chronicling my journey.  The lessons I'm learning, the people I meet, the frustrations, the anxiety, the joy, the "oh my God what have I gotten myself into's" and the moments of pure clarity as I sit in this little store and watch as day by day a dream comes true. 

My dream, Margie's dream, Paul's dream, Jack's dream, Dori's dream, Abby's dream, Michael's dream, Clayton's dream, Helen's dream, Wendy's dream, Beth's dream, Michelle's dream, Lois's dream, Judy's dream and so many others who I haven't met yet or will never meet.

Blows my mind away.  It really does.

And the stories!  The people and the stories they have about their art, their craft, their passion for what they do will make my connection to their work and to a customer that much more incredible.  This is not just another piece of jewelry.  This bird house is not what you buy at Target or A.C. Moore, this is an original painting by the artist in front of you, sometimes with the paint still tacky and not a print that you will see at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Will it be more expensive - sometimes yes and other times you will be surprised at how inexpensive some of these wonderful treasures are when you understand the work and skill and love of what they do goes into each and every piece.

On Sunday I met Dori Daus.  She owns a little business called "The Face of Contentment".

Dori answered an ad that I put on Craig's list.    Actually I think she was the very first person that answered my ad - a simple "Call to artists".

I asked her for some pictures of her work so I could see what she was making and I just loved her jewelry. 

Any kind of art is subjective to me.  Sometimes you like it and sometimes you just don't.  Being a bit anal retentive most of my life you would think that I would like the mass produced, die cut, looks like everyone else's kind of jewelry. 

Nope - that's not really me.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry simply because I'm a bit too rough with it.  Necklaces get broken, earrings get lost, bracelets just "fall off my wrist" and rings that fit my chubby little fingers just don't look right in my opinion. 

But this isn't about let me get back on track here! 

What I instantly loved about Dori's work is the somewhat chaotic but very natural beauty it falls into.  She works with precious metal clays, lamp work beads, fused glass pieces, chain mail, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of personality! 

Dori's personality. 

Fun!  Lively!  Honest.  And (I stole this from her website) her "journey to find contentment while making a little mischief" gives you a good mental picture of who she is.

Similar to other folks that I've met, Dori found herself on the unemployment side of things and decided to make what was a hobby a full time gig.  She sells at craft shows, and stores.  She has a web page and sells her unique and individual pieces of wearable art on Artfire

Dori's previous line of work was as a special educator and she brings those years of education into teaching her art to others. 

Idiosyncrazies is going to find a space and a place and a time to get Dori in there to have a few classes so that she can share her passion with others.  I have no doubt that her infectious personality will make it a big hit and they will be something that we can offer on a regular basis.

Heck - I want to take a class NOW!

So please, stop by Dori's web site, say Hi to her on Facebook or send her a tweet I have no doubt she will be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you Dori for reaching out and bringing your wonderful pieces to Idiosyncrazies!


  1. Thank you Shaz for CREATING a venue where we less than normal creative types can exhibit! I appreciate art with a story. I hate the mass produced "sh-t"/

  2. I love this piece! Thank you so much, Sharon. I can't wait to teach some classes at Idiosyncrazies! See you on Saturday :)

  3. I love dori's work. Point Pleasant is lucky to have this amazing artist in residence.