Thursday, May 20, 2010


Here is my minion Robin:

I have known Robin since I was 5 years old!

We've stayed in touch throughout the years.  Sometimes not as often as we would have liked.   Distances, marriages, kids, divorces - whatever the reason.  Life happens!

It's nice to have a friend that no matter how many years pass, you can just pick up where you left off and continue on.

Robin has been back in New Jersey for the past few months and when I told her about Idiosyncrazies she was the first person to volunteer to help.

And she has helped a LOT. 

She lives 1 hour south of Idiosyncrazies but she's come up quite a few times to help paint, offer advice and a second opinion, helped me scope out some of the local cuisine (we've only tried one pizza place so far....about 100 more to go) and break out into the occasional dance!  (We were usually the first two out on the dance floor back in the day.  Never afraid to act a little crazy and have fun)

Robin will eventually have to go, and I will miss her terribly but I am so glad to have had her here with me and share this experience.  I couldn't imagine it with anyone else!

Love ya Robin! 

This one's for you!


  1. Yay, Robyn!
    How nice to have a volunteer minion, Shazza. And especially one who can dance.

  2. Yikes! I meant "Robin" … Sheesh, I am so used to typing "Robyn" to my old blogpal that it came out naturally.
    Hey ho. Apologies for a senior moment.

  3. Aw, that was so sweet, Sharon! (You look fabulous, Robin!) It's fun to read the banter between you two, and wonderful to see such a constant, long-term friendship. Good for you, both!

  4. Is that the old Robin Dilfield? She looks mah-velous!