Friday, April 30, 2010

Status report

The painting is well under way.  They walls are finished and the trim has been started.  I went through and did some touch ups where it was needed.

Margie and I went out and bought the new lighting fixtures tonight.  We want to get the ceiling painted first and then have the new lights installed so we don't have to tape everything up.

I put out a call to artists and have not gotten many replies yet.  I was a bit worried at first, but I have been scouring the Internet for NJ artists and have found quite a few already so I am not worried that I will not have enough to open the store with.  I think I will have plenty to get started.

There are still a few things on the wish list:  mosaic artists, wood workers, leather crafters, metal sculptors.  We would like to be able to find wind chimes, fountains, birdhouses, bat houses, lady bug houses, garden art and a bit of the beach/nautical themed items too.  If anyone knows of artists who make NJ Devils (I'm talking about the folk lore creature not the hockey team) in any medium, that would be great!

A friend on Facebook got me in touch with a gentleman who makes Pine Barren Diamonds!  Paul Evans finds chunks of glass left over from some of the glass works companies that were prominent in southern New Jersey.  There is a lot of sand down in the Pinelands and it's perfect for glass making.

Paul is also a musician and has written a book.  If you go to his Facebook page you can listen to some of his music:!/COOKBEAUX?v=app_2405167945.  My favorite song is "He's More Girl Than She'll Ever Be" you can have a listen here:

Hopefully I will get to meet Paul in the next week or so to check out his diamonds and get the story behind that song!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend - next week we'll have more pictures up to let you see how the transformation is going.

Be well!


  1. I am just catching up (after missing the post that you're now blogging here)

    Everything looks great!

    I am wishing you much success.

  2. Would I qualify as a born and bred in Jersey artist? Don't know any of the specific items you are looking for but I'll ask around.