Sunday, April 25, 2010


The previous tenants of the store we are renting was a florist.  She left a lot of stuff behind - some we are able to use and some we just threw out because of the tackiness factor.

There were two dolls left behind. 

I was never a doll kind of kid.  I used to have my Barbie run around with my brother's G.I. Joe because he looked more manly than Ken ever did in my humble opinion.  Barbie and G.I. Joe were caught in some pretty compromising positions! 

My Mom collected dolls.  I have a few of them at my home that I will keep as a memory, but still dolls aren't really my "thing."

My daughter was given a American Doll when she was very young and I have to admit they are some of the pretties dolls I've seen.  People go all crazy about them, and you can buy whole wardrobes and accessories.  I don't get that to be honest, but hey whatever.

Anyway - I digress. 

One of the dolls was a Madame Alexander doll.  I know it because it had a label on it!  I've heard the name before but I never really understood the whole fascination with them. 

The other doll is nearly 3 ft tall, is dressed rather fashionably and is down right freaky looking:

See what I mean?

I was going to use her as the store mascot, but my partner Margie said "NO WAY!"  The doll freaks her out too much!

Check out the lips!  Angelina Jolie's got nothing on this girl!


Pretty provocative for a doll don't you think?

I asked some Facebook pals to give her a name and Mergatroid was the one that I thought fit her.

There is a signed name on the back of the doll but unfortunately I can't read it and it's been numbered, so I did a little research trying to find out what kind of doll she is. 

Her real name is Nessie and she is a Jan McLean doll.  There were only 494 made world wide and she has been sold out. 

Here is the description I found for her:  "With her grey glass eyes, freckles that light up her face and the rich auburn human hair that is tied with ribbons, Nessie is one of those girls that suits her funky embroidery burgundy jeans and her fur-lined denim jacket. Her belt is a retro silver and turquoise and her top is embroidered and lace trimmed. Her jeans with their frayed edges hang loosely over her cool purple shoes."

Human hair!

I found one site that gives a value for this doll at $495.  I'm sure that is a brand new doll, still in the box and in excellent condition. 

Mergie isn't in the best condition.  I guess she was used as a display so she's a bit dust and one of her little purple shoes is a bit torn up, but maybe I can get $50 for her on ebay. 

Or maybe as a friend suggested I should hang her from the ceiling upside down for my own amusement. 

Hmmmmm...I'll need to think about this one!

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  1. Holy moley, Shazza! That is one scary doll.
    Bride of Chucky springs to mind.