Friday, April 30, 2010

Status report

The painting is well under way.  They walls are finished and the trim has been started.  I went through and did some touch ups where it was needed.

Margie and I went out and bought the new lighting fixtures tonight.  We want to get the ceiling painted first and then have the new lights installed so we don't have to tape everything up.

I put out a call to artists and have not gotten many replies yet.  I was a bit worried at first, but I have been scouring the Internet for NJ artists and have found quite a few already so I am not worried that I will not have enough to open the store with.  I think I will have plenty to get started.

There are still a few things on the wish list:  mosaic artists, wood workers, leather crafters, metal sculptors.  We would like to be able to find wind chimes, fountains, birdhouses, bat houses, lady bug houses, garden art and a bit of the beach/nautical themed items too.  If anyone knows of artists who make NJ Devils (I'm talking about the folk lore creature not the hockey team) in any medium, that would be great!

A friend on Facebook got me in touch with a gentleman who makes Pine Barren Diamonds!  Paul Evans finds chunks of glass left over from some of the glass works companies that were prominent in southern New Jersey.  There is a lot of sand down in the Pinelands and it's perfect for glass making.

Paul is also a musician and has written a book.  If you go to his Facebook page you can listen to some of his music:!/COOKBEAUX?v=app_2405167945.  My favorite song is "He's More Girl Than She'll Ever Be" you can have a listen here:

Hopefully I will get to meet Paul in the next week or so to check out his diamonds and get the story behind that song!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend - next week we'll have more pictures up to let you see how the transformation is going.

Be well!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The previous tenants of the store we are renting was a florist.  She left a lot of stuff behind - some we are able to use and some we just threw out because of the tackiness factor.

There were two dolls left behind. 

I was never a doll kind of kid.  I used to have my Barbie run around with my brother's G.I. Joe because he looked more manly than Ken ever did in my humble opinion.  Barbie and G.I. Joe were caught in some pretty compromising positions! 

My Mom collected dolls.  I have a few of them at my home that I will keep as a memory, but still dolls aren't really my "thing."

My daughter was given a American Doll when she was very young and I have to admit they are some of the pretties dolls I've seen.  People go all crazy about them, and you can buy whole wardrobes and accessories.  I don't get that to be honest, but hey whatever.

Anyway - I digress. 

One of the dolls was a Madame Alexander doll.  I know it because it had a label on it!  I've heard the name before but I never really understood the whole fascination with them. 

The other doll is nearly 3 ft tall, is dressed rather fashionably and is down right freaky looking:

See what I mean?

I was going to use her as the store mascot, but my partner Margie said "NO WAY!"  The doll freaks her out too much!

Check out the lips!  Angelina Jolie's got nothing on this girl!


Pretty provocative for a doll don't you think?

I asked some Facebook pals to give her a name and Mergatroid was the one that I thought fit her.

There is a signed name on the back of the doll but unfortunately I can't read it and it's been numbered, so I did a little research trying to find out what kind of doll she is. 

Her real name is Nessie and she is a Jan McLean doll.  There were only 494 made world wide and she has been sold out. 

Here is the description I found for her:  "With her grey glass eyes, freckles that light up her face and the rich auburn human hair that is tied with ribbons, Nessie is one of those girls that suits her funky embroidery burgundy jeans and her fur-lined denim jacket. Her belt is a retro silver and turquoise and her top is embroidered and lace trimmed. Her jeans with their frayed edges hang loosely over her cool purple shoes."

Human hair!

I found one site that gives a value for this doll at $495.  I'm sure that is a brand new doll, still in the box and in excellent condition. 

Mergie isn't in the best condition.  I guess she was used as a display so she's a bit dust and one of her little purple shoes is a bit torn up, but maybe I can get $50 for her on ebay. 

Or maybe as a friend suggested I should hang her from the ceiling upside down for my own amusement. 

Hmmmmm...I'll need to think about this one!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Slowly but surely

We've started painting this week. We did not get done as much as we had hoped to because of other obligations we had, but it's a start!

Originally the inside of the store was pale blue walls and white trim.

That was probably fine for the flower shop that was there, but for Idiosyncrazies I want a warm, soft feel. 

For the walls we picked a nice warm brown, the ceiling will be a wheat kind of color and the trim will be a Moroccan rust and for the beams on the coffered ceiling, they will be a darker brown.  This may all change if I don't like the colors once they are up, but for now that's the plan.

There is a LOT of trim in this place.  Crown molding every freakin' where - luckily I am fairly patient!

Next thing to change will be the lights.  Currently there are horrific florescent lights on the ceiling and some outdated track lighting along the sides.  They will be gone!  I am scoping out some nice track lights with an antique brass finish and perhaps a few ceiling fans and flush mounted lights for the rest.  I don't want the place too bright.  There is plenty of wonderful sunlight that comes through the windows during the day and I would like to use as much natural lighting as possible.

I've lined up a few vendors and contacted a few local artists who do mosaics and metal sculptures.  I hope to put out an add on Craig's list for artists who may be interested in working on a consignment basis to keep my costs down. 

It is amazing that when people ask me what kind of store Idiosyncrazies will be that they almost always can tell me someone they know is an artist!  I need to make up some business cards so I can give them out to anyone who may be interested. 

I don't think I'll have any problem filling up the store, I just need a few more display cabinets and a couple of curio cabinets to make sure I can showcase everything!

Fun stuff so far! 

Monday, April 19, 2010


This blog will be my journey into the land of self-employment, the land of retail and hopefully the land of art!

Idiosyncrazies is a new Gallery/Gift Shop located in Point Pleasant, NJ that we hope to open by May 31, 2010.

We have rented a space and are working on getting it up and running. I have been searching high and low for NJ Artists/Artisans that offer something unique and different and represents the diversity our little state has to offer.

So - if you are curious about this journey, I invite you to follow along. Hopefully it will be entertaining and enlightening and enticing enough to keep you coming back and also intrigue you to visit us if you are in the area!

Be well all!